Feed your mind well…

Have your ever try to implant negativity in your mind? I am guilty of that too.

You keep telling yourself:  I can’t, I am not qualified, I don’t have the skill-set, I am not smart enough, I don’t have enough experience, I didn’t attend an Elite school, I do not have advanced education, they will never hire me, it’s too much responsibility… and the list goes on.

Often times, it is our own negativity that deters us from realising our dreams, accomplishing of career goals and progressing to the next stage in our life. Why do we do that? We are always our greatest enemy and ultimately responsible for our own successes and failures. Once we think about it, our thoughts dictate our actions and eventually our actions dictate our results. We must understand out mind-frame, the way we think and view ourselves, as it has the greatest impact on our successes in business and in life.

Developing a positive mind-frame is about managing your way of thinking that will allow you to succeed in spite of the obstacles along your path. It’s about increasing your expectation to be better, smarter and more efficient with everything you do.

Embracing a positive mind-frame will move you to work on you skill sets, think positively, and internalize what it is you want to achieve. It help you to develop your blueprint on how to achieve that promotion or whatever other lofty goal you might have. It gets you away from negative thinking that may generates doubt and help you progress into the mindset of possibility. You will then move away from the worries of your lack of skills to figuring out ways to develop them. You go from wondering how you will ever make the connections you need, to actually making the connections. Doubt becomes motivation. Motivation becomes action. Action leads to dreams realised. Every single time.

Lets move towards a positive and productive mind frame by practicing and adhering to the following steps:

  1. Ignore your negative thoughts: To think negatively is to believe that those thoughts are true. If you believe negatively, you have very little hope of achieving your dreams. For this reason, the first and most important step toward creating a positive mind frame is to train yourself to ignore those negative thoughts. There are several proven methods; it’s just a matter of trying them out to see which work for you. Whenever you notice that you are thinking negatively, you might consider doing something to distract your mind (like reading up on a subject or skill you will need in the pursuit of your dream). You might consider filling your mind with positive memories. You might try meditation or some other physical/mental trigger that can remove you from the negative train of thought and get you back on a more productive path.
  2. Try new things: While you develop a positive mind frame, it is important to know where you’re heading. The best pursuits in life are those that adhere to and employ your greatest personal power. Everyone has a skill (sometimes two, and sometimes many). One of the path to success is to identify that skill and then build a career around it. But what if you don’t know your skill? What if you aren’t sure about your professional passions? The surest way to determine the answers to those questions is to try new things. Take a cooking class. Write a short story. Apply for jobs that don’t seem to fit your background ideally. Once you have determined where your strengths and passions lie and with those information in mind, you can begin developing the detail for your blueprint to success.
  3. Internalise the positive: When doubts are perceive in a positive way, they can be the motivation you need to overcome a particularly obstacle. Often, it helps to write down the negative thoughts and/or doubts you may be having. Confronting these doubts every day has a way of bolstering your drive and passion to succeed. It should be a daily reminder of the things you have yet to accomplish and a way to maintain your focus.

Through following the steps and be determine that you can do something — against all odds and despite all doubters — has a way of teaching you who you really are. You will begin to develop belief in yourself the ways you never could have imagined before. You become less afraid to fail. You learn to survive with a little, and then learn to survive with a lot. Externally, when you began to find some success, you gain the recognition and appreciation. This is exactly the kind of success to which a positive mind frame leads — a kind of success that is remarkably repeatable if you learn to turn all negative energy into positive energy. It leads to the discovery of more creative ways to meet your challenges. It introduces an ability to overcome the most trying times. It helps you to turn setbacks into giant leaps forward.