Who Is Timothy Low

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Tim was a corporate lawyer in Singapore.

You could say lawyering was in his blood, having come from a family of lawyers. He became a Barrister in 1996, called to the Bar in England. In 1998, he became a lawyer here in Singapore, where he’ve lived ever since. Tim became an “in-house” lawyer in 2000, and quickly rose through the ranks to become a regional head and eventually global head of legal for the companies he worked for.

Corporate legal work became a passion. Tim honestly could not think of a better job, it paid well, and one’s advice was seldom questioned. However, like a frog slowly being boiled in a pot, he did not realize how little time he was spending with his family. Part of the reason he immersed himself in work, was also that he saw little option, but to keep doing the same thing until he retired, or heaven forbid, am made redundant.

Tim’s proudest moments in career was having invested in and exited via IPOs around the world over $750 million, and been responsible for billions of dollars worth of corporate transactions.

Part of the reason he was so proud of those achievements was that he had no other marketable skills. That would become painfully obvious after Valentine’s Day dinner in 2016….. Watch the video and he will tell you the rest of his story 🙂