I was struggling to be a great son, husband, father and teacher. Now? Achieving time and financial freedom this online business had brought me 🙂 Please don’t get me wrong. This online business is not a get rich quick scheme. Be prepared to work really hard in the beginning in order the enjoy the ‘fruits’ eventually.

Before I first started out in my working career, my aim was to climb as fast as possible in my position once I started working. At the same time, I was planning the Big Day with my wife. We were starting our own family. During that time, there were some conflicts in my head of which to focus on, career or family? Some may say that you should plan to work on career first, to build up financial foundation, then family. Some may say that you can focus on both. I think that really depends on individual. For me I can only focus one at a time in order to do well with it. I have chosen to focus on family. Of course I still needed to work to bring back bread and butter. I had a decent income working as a school teacher.

Building of family life is my priority. I am a father of 4 gorgeous kids. They can be really handful but there’s definitely great joy to have them around. I left full time school teaching job to be self employed as a private tutor, that gave me more flexibility in planning my schedules around my kids. At the same time, I was still asking myself if there’s any other effective ways to earn a living and at the same time give us more time freedom with my family and plan towards financial freedom for retirement. I am always searching. “Seek and you shall find…”

Then I found this online business model which really caught my attention and interest. It focus on educating ordinary people like you and I on how to start and build our own online business. My focus is to achieve time freedom and financial freedom with this system. With the help of my mentors and this system, I am really grateful that my achievements have really brought to me and my family great joy and freedom. We can’t underestimate the power of leveraging on the internet.

Regardless of whether you are building your career, business, family.. this online business can be an opportunity for you.

Live life to our fullest..