Life will always present us with unexpected challenges on a daily basis. It throws left hooks when we were expecting right ones; it even presents us with ‘surprises’ that we weren’t expecting, and it flood us with negative emotions that will tie us down to a life of mediocrity. All these will definitely slow down our progress, BUT DON”T EVER GIVE UP!!

Despite all this, it is what happens to us that actually makes a difference, it is what we do with what happens to us that determines where we want to be, what we will achieve, and how we will be shaped by our experiences. Set our mind up in the right state of positive mental attitude and keep on keeping on.

It is effortless to strive towards our goals and objectives when the oceans are calm. However, if we don’t condition our mind to prepared for the moment when something begins to stir the waters and rock our boat, we begin to panic and struggle to deal with our circumstances. Stay calm and solve those issues one-by-one. Again, that will definitely slow down our progress, BUT DON”T EVER GIVE UP!!

David Wottle Inspiration from Munich Olympics 1972 – Dave Wottle gives us one of the most brilliant Olympic performances ever, or at least the most under rated one.