Our everyday work and routines may make us think, “Why are all these so lifeless?” There can be so much repetitions in those routines. However, let us see beyond our routines, which is our definiteness of purpose.

Lets look around us, our nature. Plants are always carrying out photosynthesis (making foods and producing oxygen). This routine by itself may seems so uninteresting, but the products (foods and oxygen) of it has been ensuring the survival and growth of all living things.

In the beginning, setting up of this online businesscan be exciting, refreshing and tough at the same time, as you will be learning new sets of skills and techniques to help you build this business. However, as time goes by, those works seem to become routines. You may start to question yourself, “Am I doing the right things or am I not?”. It seems to be so simple and yet effective in building your online business. Lets see beyond our routines. Repetitions, repetitions and repetitions are part of strengthening your habits and eventually the mastery of your skills (Make sure your are engaging in GOOD Habits 😆). Acquiring new GOOD Habits will definitely help in our growth. Growth in terms of intellectual, spiritual, financial, physical fitness…

When I first set out to build this online business, I have set my mind to SUCCEED. I told myself that, “I MUST make it, I WILL make it”. Seeing beyond my routines are the Time Freedom I get to spend with my love ones and the Finacial Freedom which allow us to lead the perfect Lifestyle we love 🙂

“I fear not the man who practice 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee
bruce-lee01A statue of Bruce Lee Hong Kong