Have you ever shaken a hand that resemble the very nature of a cold fish? Powerless, without confidence, lifeless… the life at the end of that cold handshake may probably be as cold as well.
But the great news is, we weren’t born to be that ‘cold’. We were born to be real ‘hot’. That frozen part of our life isn’t our destiny.
Now, allow me to ‘defrost’ you, ‘warm’ you up and bring you to your personal ignition point. There are basically 4 ignition points that can move you from the state of coldness and set you up into a blazing fireball that will radiate you from within to a point where you could find yourself influencing people’s lives all around you.

Ignition 1: Identify Your Hot Button
Most of us have the same situation, we are too busy coping with our ‘lukewarm’ life and never have time to really sit down to identify what really get us fired up.
We need to focus and have concentrated effort to take time to identify what is our hot button. Yup, the thing that will really fires us up. Our dream, our talent…
It was then after I set time aside to pursuit the search of my hot button in my life, things started to change. Before, my life was rolling along, like any of us. But there was within me a dissatisfaction, I knew that my then activities were not fully aligned with my deep passions. Unless I took time out to find my hot button, I was destined for one thing – and that was burnout. The time spent to pursuit the search of my hot button has been the defining period that has continued to draw me back to my passion, my purpose, my destiny and of course my hot button.
Right now, in my life, I feel that I’m sizzling, as I have consistently been true to myself and true to the original vision.

Ignition 2: Identify Your Cold Button
I have tried a few things throughout my life. And no – not everyone of them has been a defining success. Several valleys have been passed through to reach the mountain tops. But those valleys have helped me identify my cold buttons while I was trying to find the hot buttons.
No human being can be good at everything. There are many things that we can’t do well, so once you uncover them, move on and put more of your time and effort on those things that you can do well.
So how do you identify your cold buttons? By going out to try new things and fail. Yes, that’s the only way to find out. Don’t be too afraid to try out new things. And if we fail – we respond with the one successful question.
‘What have I learnt from this experience?’
That way, failure has just become part of your journey that has guided you towards success.

Ignition 3: Delegate Your Cold Button
So, what do you do once you identify your cold button?
This is when you need to surround yourself with a team of people where their hot buttons are actually your cold buttons. They just love to do those stuffs that you are not good at – and they do them with great excellence.
While you are pushing your hot button, and reaping the rewards associated with someone who keeps turning up the heat in that area – your team members are pushing your cold buttons – as they are necessary for your overall success. They are strong and competent in those areas. And by pressing their hot button – that is in alignment with you and supportive of you.

Ignition 4: Turn Up The Heat On your Hot Button
If you don’t keep applying heat to your hot button, the likelihood is that it could end up being transformed into a cold button.
So, it’s always a good time to jump out of the frying pan into the fire.
We have to continue to put pressure on our hot button. Educate ourselves, find your mentors who will inspire you to be active. This is the vital importance of ongoing education and learning.
Lifelong learning is the way to go, but that doesn’t mean we need to work till the day we die. We can get the correct education and system to gain the time and financial freedom we deserve.

Have you discovered your hot button? If not, now will be the best time to ask yourself and search within you. Don’t accept mediocrity if you know that you deserve more than what you have now. Pursue and develop the burning desire to live a blazing life.