Maximize our energy efficiency by prioritization of your activities

We know ourselves best. In order to organize this plan well, we have to take the necessary actions.

  • step 1: Know your current situation. Be truthful to ourselves in which area of our time have we ‘wasted’ on. We will start from where we are. Everyone of us have different habits currently.
  • step 2: Set our targets. Identify 1 ‘wastage’ area of our time that we will want to eliminate.
  • step 3: Develop our action plan of what activities we want to do to replace that ‘wastage’ area of out time.
  • step 4: TAKE ACTIONS
  • step 5: Strengthen the habits of our new activities by repetitions.
  • step 6: Repeat step 1-5 for other ‘wastage’ area of your time


“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken”, Samuel Johnson.