When we were just kids, we tend to have the biggest dreams in our mind and we will tell everyone. However, as we get older, we would usually kept them to ourselves, as a secret, as we may be afraid that people will criticise that we are not realistic. We may not have any clue of where and how to start and we never even started trying. Whatever circumstances and reasons we had, one thing is certain: if we don’t build our dreams more vividly in our mind and start to take actions, nothing will happen and our dreams would never be reality.

We can learn how to achieve our dreams by understanding more about ourselves, and with that new insight, take action. Let’s start off by building up our mental world.

Why is Building Up Our Mental World So Important

Our goals, dreams and aspirations are those that can define us and the life we are in. They can cultivate our greatest achievements. They will give us the start in our road-map to help figure out out direction and purpose.

When we have dreams, that will then give us an idea of where we would like to go. We will then devise plans to get there. If we don’t have any dream, everyday will just be aimless and unmotivated.

Some people find it easier to envision exactly where they want to go in life than others. It’s definitely awesome if you are in this category. Don’t be too worried if you are not. It simply means that you’re not crystal clear on you dreams yet. So before you get into transforming your dreams into real-life goals, first search within ourselves and ask; “What do I really want?”, “What is it that I am really looking for?”

We can start to envision our dreams by following through 2 essential steps. And you will unleash the hidden potential in yourself and start to achieve your dreams. Set the biggest dreams ever in our mind when we are ‘small’.


Two essential steps to Achieve Your Dreams

1. Crystallise your dreams in mind

To achieve our dreams in life, we must envision exactly, in detail, where it is you want to go. Without knowing what a fulfilling life looks and feels like to you, how will we know when you’ve gotten there? Exactly. We wouldn’t know. But you can. Continue to envision, until we get it clear.

We can then pinpoint on our life map exactly where it is you want to go or want to have. Your big goal may not be a destination, they might be to experience something, do something, have something, or become someone. Whatever it might be, you need to decide and get crystal clear on exactly what it is for you. If you’re not sure what your big dream is, think about what aligns with your beliefs and passions. Ask yourself: “what makes my heart sing?”

  • pin point you life map
  • envision in detail
  • align with your beliefs and passion


2. Define your personal values

Our personal values are the beliefs and principles that drive us. Your values determine the type of job you get, the person you date, and how you spend your money. To know yourself and the values you, you can start by asking yourself the following questions:
•What subjects are you passionate about and enjoy talking to others? What gets you enthusiastic about these topics?
•If your house was engulfed in flames, what 3 things would you rescue?
•If you could change something in your local community, what would it be?
•If you were able to listen at your own funeral, what would you want people to say about you? What do you think they would say?

After you answer these questions, review them. Does any of the beliefs stand out to you? There should be, right? Then write out a summary describing what you have learned by starting with:

“The purpose of my life is to…”

Be as truthful and descriptive as you can. The truth is, if you work through things in this way, you’ll soon find out your big picture dreams. You’ll uncover the things that’s most meaningful to you. The simplest things you need and are already available, to help you achieve your dreams.

Time To Take Action

Dreams in our mental world not only serve as a way for us to imagine the endless possibilities of life, but also to help us recognize where exactly you want to be. Whether we know it or not, our dreams influence many of our life decisions. But again, it’s the actions we take that ultimately determine whether we fail or succeed.

Lets start off with this, get yourself to gain insight into your personal values which can then help you to start envisioning (and planning) a life that aligns with those values. Good luck and take care.