Sometime ago, I was a full-time school teacher. It is meaningful to be moulding the future of our nation. However, after sometime, the long hours at work began to rob me of my personal life. I was just starting to build my own family then. At certain point of time, I felt really depressed. I realized that I could not spend quality time with my family. Eventually, biting the bullet, I decided to leave my full time teaching service to be a private tutor.

It was certainly daunting to leave my full time job to be on my own to face the ‘unknown world’ after being quite comfortable in my comfort zone. However, I am considered lucky that things went on quite smoothly as I build my student base. Being a private tutor can earn a decent income to support my family. However, the income is directly dependent on the number of hours I put in. I started to feel some dissatisfaction in life again. I began to ask myself, if there is any other effective ways to earn a living and have multiple streams of income? So I started to search again. I started to read and listen to personal development books and audios. That’s the start of my new journey again in search for that ‘something more’ with the support and love from my loving wife and four gorgeous children.

That’s the power of the made up mind. It turned my life and perspective around. I felt so energized to have set a positive mindset, knowing that life can be much better every single day. I am so glad that with that positive mental attitude, it allowed me to be more open-minded to try out different opportunities that came across my path. Eventually, I got to know about this online business model which made me feel really excited. That moment was really ‘THE’ life changing moment for me. The rest as they said is history.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”
-John Lennon