Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but don’t really get you anywhere in life. Worry will just be the interest paid on trouble before it comes due. Worry pulls the stormy clouds over today’s sunshine.

What can worry do to you? Those stress related illnesses like heart attacks, high blood pressure, ulcers, insomnia, headaches, strokes, immune system malfunctions, and even suicide. Worry will definitely make you feel sick, even though you are not.

When you feel worry, what can you do? What you need is hope and help. Focus on the bright side and possible solutions. Focusing on the problems can’t bring you anywhere. Knowing the problems and taking massive actions to search for solutions is the way to go.

So, what is worry? It is definitely not a disease or an uncontrollable condition. The word worry comes from two Greek words which mean “to divide the mind”. Which happen when your thoughts are divided into both worthwhile thoughts and damaging thoughts. One of it will simply dominate, depending on which you ‘feed’. Worry starts in your mind.

We have to be deliberate in refusing panic or worry. Stop allowing your heart to be controlled by fear. Don’t let your soul to be agitated and stirred up. Be mindful that if you want to live a conflict-free life, it’s almost impossible, but you can train yourself to have a heart that can be free of conflict.

Abraham Lincoln said, “I have determined that people are as happy as they choose to be.” Conflict in life may knock us down, but that does not mean you are knocked out. We can overcome anxiety, we can choose to be happy.

Worry not only has impact of the person who commits it, the negative consequences of worry will also affect family life. The worry bring negativity to people around you.

Vandalism is what worry can commit to your body. Your emotional and spiritual well-being will have an effect on your physical body. Those people who go to doctor due to worry don’t have merely physical problem. What they have are spiritual problems that produce physical symptoms. Scores of diseases are directly attributed to worry. Life is too short to worry yourself sick. Be truthful to yourself and that will put you on the path to worry-free life.

Most worries and leftover from the past or borrowed from the future. People usually worry most about the past. What can we do about the past? Nothing! We will just ruin a perfect day by worrying about the past. Let have some self-talk:” I will not worry about the past because the past is gone. I can do nothing about the past, so I refuse to worry about it.”

Another focus of worry is “What if……?”
“What if…” doesn’t exist until you make it so real in your mind. The negativity would have you continually crossing streams that do not exist, wasting time and energy.

Stop worrying if you can do something about. If you can do something about it — DO IT! Don’t sit around and stew if there is something you can do. Stop worrying and start acting.
Worry is a bad habit. It takes time to develop a bad habit. Be responsible with yourself to unlearn that bad habit and replace it with something positive.

Don’t be like chronic worriers. They make the mistake of waiting for their circumstances to change. Take actions to change the circumstances if you can. You can choose to be grateful of what you already have even if the circumstances don’t change. What we need to change is our state of mind which will move you forward when the situation is tough. Happiness is a state of being, not a state of becoming. Take plenty of time to count your blessings and get out of worry within a minute if it starts. Counting blessings is like tonic to your soul.

We can’t directly control our feelings, but we can control our thoughts and actions to be taken. If you expect the worst, you will probably get it. Whatever dominates your thoughts will manifest itself in your life.
“You may not be what you think you are, but you are what you think.”

We are far more likely to act our way into the emotion we want than feel the way into acting. Do the things you need to do and the emotions will catch up. Human nature is constituted by our thoughts, actions, and feelings. We can’t stay discouraged when we express our gratitude.

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it. Let worry, worry by itself! It can cope with itself! We have better things to do than to worry!