How To Start Profiting Online, Starting From Scratch.

Starting Today!” (no existing experience required)

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, have helped their students and private community members earn their regular and passive income by following their proven steps to profiting online...


Hear from our students:

Dear Friend,

This is Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

As two of the world's most successful online business system creators, we decided to partner for one reason: to share our combined knowledge with smart individuals who are fed up with the broken traditional economy, and who are ready to cash in with the world's first professional turn-key 'franchise like' DIGITAL BUSINESS SYSTEM.

Read carefully, this is exciting things.

If you're here seeking a legitimate, affordable and highly profitable online income... with products you can be fiercely proud of and requires little overhead, bank loans, employees, or personal selling, then this could be the most important letter you ever read...

But before we begin, we want to make something crystal clear...

What is being offered here is NOTHING like any of the hyped up products or Internet scams that are frequently being punted on the Internet every single day...

This is something much deeper, much more ambitious, and much more effective. What is being offered is a genuine Business Model and System, to help you grow your online income in record time!

And that's why to gain access to this business system, first you will need to qualify...

Let us explain exactly why...

For this unique business model to work for you it requires our team and community to work very closely with you, including LIVE coaching and one-on-one support and guidance.

So you can probably imagine, this will take a lot of time and effort on our part because quite frankly...

  • This is NOT just another ebook
  • This is NOT just another DVD set
  • This is NOT just another lame 'make money online' thing...

But we will promise you this...

If you follow the program exactly as we've designed it, you could easily and effortlessly transform your life and your income in the next 6 - 12 weeks...

But first, because places are restricted and so we don't waste each others time, we need to make absolutely sure you're the right person to work with us and take FULL advantage of this.

So if by the end of this letter you want to get this show on the road, we're going to ask you to complete a quick application to introduce yourself and go through a series of short trainings we've prepared for you.

Then if we agree we're a good fit for each other, you'll have the opportunity to personally work with our team and community, who will help you get into profit fast... 

With a business system that will allow you to write your own paycheck working completely on your terms, from your computer!

And if you're sceptical about this, we understand. You have every right to be...

We've seen all the rubbish that's being sold out there on the Internet...


This is different. This is REAL...And the reason why is we can back up everything with proven facts and testimonials.


Just imagine for a moment if you could have access to an exact replica of our automated business system and lucrative business model...

The business model that took Stuart from working a 70 hour a week job, to earning $25,000 (£15,000) plus a month, in just 6 months, working from home part time!...

And that's no exaggeration, after just 6 months of learning this business model Stuart started banking a minimum of $25,000 (£15,000) a month, every month since he started back in 2008... from commissions he earned by selling other peoples products.

Another example to demonstrate just how powerful this system and business model is...

Is how we pulled in multiple millions in 2013 with just ONE new income stream we started 18 months ago from scratch, by simply plugging it into our propitiatory business system!


From the desk of Stuart Ross, Miami - Florida

Dear Friend,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Stuart Ross, I work from home, set my own schedule, and since starting my online business have been able to enjoy the finer things life has to offer...

Unlimited time with my family and friends, travelling around the world first class, and even Porche's, Range Rover's and Lamborghini's.... yet frankly that's just the tip of the ice berg!

To me however, the best part is the fact I can work from anywhere in the world I choose, as I just take my laptop with me and I'm good to go!

Now I'm not telling this to brag or show off... Far from it as I know you're probably thinking "so what... how does that help me!"

But I just want you to know that this is REAL and the Internet can truly change your life FAST, if you know what you are doing!

And just to give you some idea, I remember when I cleared $47,397 (£30,000) in my 7th month starting from scratch - My friends literally thought I was selling drugs or something (it was even joked about at the UK Internet Millionaire Summit!) Because nothing they'd seen had ever changed anyone's life that fast, and so I made a promise there and then...

"To Help A Lot Of People Get Their Start Online..."

And since December 2010 I've helped over 10,000 + people start or grow their businesses through our digital business system and guidance.

And I've shown them how they can make a real income working online (trust me there are plenty of people to go around)

And now, I'm offering YOU a special opportunity to work closely with our team and the SFM community to build your online income.

PLEASE NOTE: Last time I launched something like this I had over fifty times more applications than places available.

Because what you're about to see is ENTIRELY different from any other opportunity or system in the market... 

And I'm telling you this, it's WAY more than just another course or seminar teaching you how to make money on the Internet. 

It's our personal team, our community and Jay and I, holding your hand, each and every day helping you overcome all the obstacles and frustrations you'll face when trying to start or grow your business in this guarded and secretive industry.

If you decide this is right for you, we'll ask you to do one thing for us...

Once you've read this letter, we want you to show us YOU are serious and complete a quick application and series of training videos that will teach you exactly what you need to do to get into profit in 2014 and beyond.

So far we've have helped...

"ANYONE Can Create Profitable Online Income Streams"

Even if you don't know the first thing about making money online and you can't find the right online deals to save your life.. doesn't even matter if you have no idea how to get started or do any of that other complicated stuff...

We'll show you exactly what to do and save you time, frustration and money (that you may well have wasted on projects destined to fail)

Our turn-key business system was specially designed to help the average person get up and running (and making money) quickly, easily and without frustration.



The Kind Of People Who Are Making Money And Finally Finding Freedom With This System?


The Newbie

You know the Internet is the way to make money, but you have no clue where to start or what to do. This program works for beginners and also works for those who have been trying to succeed online for awhile. Our step-by-step system makes it easy for anyone to succeed. You will instantly know what strategies to implement to get real results quickly!


The Entrepreneur

You've recently started your own business, or you've been at it for awhile, and are looking to increase your income, leads and sales. You want to finally generate more income with less effort so you can finally enjoy the freedom of being a successful entrepreneur!


The Marketer

You already make money online. But you are ready to take your game to the next level. You appreciate that to scale your income FAST you need a system. Something that you can get your teeth stuck into and explode your results.



The Offline Business Owner

You own a business, but you are sick and tired of high overheads, increasing pressure from the competition, staff and geographical ties. You are ready to use your business knowledge in a new venture and recognize the Internet is the way to go!

  • Real estate agents
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Salesmen
  • Men & Women with disabilities
  • Single parents
  • People who have lost their jobs
  • Professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists, insurance agents, etc)
  • Government employees
  • Retirees
  • Frustrated MLM distributors
  • Internet marketers
    • Brick & mortar business owners
    • People who hate their current job or are afraid they'll lose their job
    • General contractors
    • Machine operators
    • Fast food employees
    • Technicians
    • High school & college dropouts
    • Police officers
    • Nurses
    • Teachers
    • Property investors and developers
    • Stock brokers and traders
    • Musicians
    • Artists
    • People looking for a career change
    • Corporate executives & CEO's
    • Military soldiers
    • Waiters & bartenders
    • Mechanics
    • Landscapers
    • And more...

    *Individual results will vary from person to person. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.


    Bottom line?

    People from almost every background, occupation and income level are using our business model to quit their jobs and build a secure lifestyle and legacy for themselves and their families.

    And it's all because of our almost ridiculously simple system!

    We know exactly what it takes to get results, we didn't become seven figure entrepreneurs overnight at all...

    Now before I tell you any more about this business model and system, let me tell you...



    "Life wasn't always this great for me..."



    Just a little over 6 years ago, I was in pretty much the same boat many of our students have been in: I was working an insane amount of hours, frustrated, depressed, and spent my days dreaming about quitting my job, and earning the kind of money that would allow me to start enjoying my life...

    And after a failed attempt with a business franchise opportunity that cost me $20,000 (£12,500) - I very quickly learned that cold calling, chasing people and the 'hard sell' was not for me, nor did I enjoy the long hours...

    You see I had pretty much just bought myself a job and was told to just hit the phones and find customers.

    Something had to change, after endless days, weeks even months of searching online I stumbled across an exciting business model that literally changed my life...



    "High Ticket Sales Changed My Bank Balance Almost Overnight..."



    By studying some of the worlds leading online business owners, I quickly understood two things that generate real money...

    Thing #1 - Setting Up An Automated Business System

    You need to have a system in place to sort and sift buyers from time wasters... and that will do all the grunt work for you (like the telling and selling of products). Without this you're destined to fail.


    Benefits of a "Business System"



    The advantage you have by using our system...

    Instead of teaching you how to build a technical and complicated digital business system... You will get an exact model of the system that we personally use. The key ingredient here is we have systematized our business allowing you to essentially become a "franchisee."

    We have invested millions of dollars developing and refining this system.

    You get to use it for a small monthly fee. Compare "done-for-you" to doing it on your own...

    • Building your own race car vs. being able to get into one that's already engineered, built, tested and ready to race
    • Engineering and building an airplane vs. being able to lease one form a leading manufacturer
    • Building a restaurant from scratch with no prior experience vs. buying a franchise backed by a powerful brand with everything prepared for you

    Most entrepreneurs get stuck on the "building the business" part and never actually turn a profit because by the time they get everything setup properly they usually run out of time and/or money. No wonder the vast majority fail.

    There is NO REASON for you to have to do all of the groundwork and build your own business when, for pennies on the dollar, you can use ours.

    The SFM DIGITAL BUSINESS SYSTEM provides you access to the three key elements every successful entrepreneur requires:

    • Professional Marketing Systems (Websites, shopping carts, auto-responders, etc)
    • Coaching and Mentorship (Guidance, less time/money wasted)
    • Community to provide a Powerful Circle of Influence (Keep you focused, on track and motivated/inspired.)


    Thing #2 - Having High Ticket Items To Sell

    The secret to making BIG commissions with this system comes down to one simple idea... high ticket sales.

    In 2009, still as a pretty new marketer I actually made first regular and passive income from JUST ONE income stream, selling someone else's high ticket product with a system far inferior to this, and it took me just a few hours a month to manage that particular income stream.

    You see 'High Ticket' basically means "high price point."

    High Ticket products have a higher value because quite simply they offer more quality and have better branding than lower cost products.

    Much like comparing, say a Rolex watch to a Casio watch. Even though they are two similar products that effectively do the same thing (tell the time), they have two completely different target audiences.

    Well our Business System is designed to attract an audience who are looking and willing to pay for more quality and better branding.


    This means that as a user of our business system and product lines you make A LOT more money with a lot less sales.


    Until now...

    You see, the SFM Business System along with our team, will take care of most of the hard work for you.


    • teaching you exactly how to advertise your websites to people looking for what you offer
    • automatically filter your leads via our tested and proven marketing funnels
    • sort and sift out the buyers from those who are just looking or who are time wasters
    • follow up with your quality leads and customers by the phone and support them


    On top of that...

    Our business coaches will offer certain customers of yours the opportunity to take part in one of our superior mentorship programs, almost guaranteeing their success.

    The major point being here is that you never have to pick up the phone and make a sale...

    We want to stress how valuable this is to you... so we'll reiterate that again.

    Our professional business coaches, many of whom are 6-figure earners themselves - will get on the phone and even close high-priced (high ticket) products FOR YOU.

    They get a percentage of the sale... and you get a FAT commission for generating the lead. Your commission can range from $20 to $8,000 per sale depending on the product sold.

    This is the secret behind the success of our Business System.

    By far the most effective way to sell high-priced products is 1-on-1 over the phone.


    And most people NEVER figure out how to do it themselves, let alone find or create these high ticket products to sell in the first place.

    We've also found that most people don't like talking on the phone, they're scared of selling, or they just flat-out don't know what to say.

    And that's understandable... it takes a certain personality type and unique set of skills to sell high priced quality products over the phone.

    If that's not you... that's fine. Jay and I aren't particularly big fans of selling either!

    You have other skills that will allow you make money online. Focus on those skills and let the professionals (our team) make the calls for you as you sit back and watch your commissions grow.

    And as if that's not enough...

    When you become a part of our private community, we don't just throw you in the deep end and leave you to sink or swim on your own, so it doesn't matter if you have NO previous online business experience or special skills!

    You're immediately matched up with our coaches, who work directly with you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    Your coaches will make sure you have everything you need to get started, answer all your questions, give you any necessary training, and just generally keep an eye on you, and help you out if you get stuck. And ALL of our coaches are individuals who are in the trenches ACTUALLY using this business system themselves!


    "How The System Works"

    By now, you must be wondering how this business system works. Well, that's the truly remarkable part...

    It's NOT about cold-calling. Or pitching friends and family on the latest potion or lotion. Or any of the other unpleasant sales approaches. Its not about coming up with new ideas for a product launch or offering consulting like so many other so called-gurus rely on.

    It's not another affiliate marketing training course that tells you to go out and find some tiny untapped niche and promote affiliate products. Or one of those stupid rags-to-riches "get rich quick" schemes that are quite frankly... just embarrassing!

    After your initial start-up with us, you'll be truly blown away by this unique business model!

    In a nutshell, it's a step-by-step system for making your first (or next) high ticket and/or residual commissions online.

    Even if you have no experience with online marketing, it will put you in a position to make thousands of dollars per sale in a matter of weeks by showing you exactly what you need to do to make REAL money by having systems and processes that attract quality customers looking for quality high-ticket products.

    The SFM Business System will give you the opportunity with all the tools, training, and coaching you need to make your first $1,000... $2,000...$4,000 or $8,000 commissions...

    ... AND set you up to start making these commissions over and over again like clockwork. When this gets rolling, you'll see how simple we have made it to make $10,000 (or more) every single month.


    Lee and Tami Earned $291,487.55 Their First 12 months

    We also have Lee and Tami from the UK - a young couple who have so far earned $291,487,55 with our system along with multiple prizes, including this brand-new MacBook Pro laptop! They both love how the system runs on auto-pilot for them while they spend time with their family!

    "The SFM Business System and membership has been incredible for us. Particularly with regard to us being able to incrementally master the foundational steps in becoming digital marketers. All the while having the potential to 'earn while we learn'. We went from zero to six figures in earnings within 6 months and it's literally given us a lifestyle of complete freedom!"
    Lee & Tami

    Mark Ford Had His First Ever $20,000 + Month

    And there is Mark Ford - an ex lawyer and property investor from the UK ... But Mark had bigger dreams than shuffling legal documents and wanted to be an entrepreneur! He has recently had his first $20,000 + Month in commissions with our system!


    There are so many more success stories and results. Quite simply just too many to list here as the page would be hundreds of pages long... Bottom line this system works and we have the case studies to back it up... If you have been looking for something... You found it!    




    It's also only fair to point out that these people (and myself) are nothing special. We are regular people who took action and used a proven system to get results.

    Note: This should be blatantly obvious, but none of these results are typical. These are all people that actually put in the time to make this system work.

    * Individual results vary. Please refer to the bottom of the page for full disclaimer.


    What Makes the SFM Business System Unique...

    Everyone knows that getting started online is really hard. Lead generation can also be a challenge. You will discover, with the support from us and our community, it becomes surprisingly simple...

    And that's not all...

    Here's why so many people are raving about our system and what you'll be able to enjoy once you submit your application for access...

    • Twelve powerful potential income streams (and growing). Letting you have "multiple streams of income" - for ultimate financial security and wealth building. Including residual income!
    • A large commission on many sales to start making real money (or simply replace your current job income) as fast as humanly possible.
    • Recession-proof profits. (SFM has seen record growth during the current "great recession.")
    • Zero experience necessary. (Can you use email? Surf the Web? Then you have all the "skills" you need to get started. However, you still must qualify.)
    • Your own copy of our fully integrated, "turn key" system that generates your leads and then closes and sells them for you AUTOMATICALLY on AUTOPILOT.  (We spent over $500,000 dollars building and perfecting this from scratch you can use it right out of the box as part of your membership.)
    • Professional business consultants doing all the "grunt work" selling for you. (No personal selling, convincing or explaining ever!)
    • Simple, step-by-step instructions showing you exactly what to do. (No tediously long "learning curves", frustration or struggling to figure things out.)
    • Unlimited email and live chat support if you ever need it. (We don't just leave you "hanging", we WANT you to succeed.)
    • Access to our "member's only" community forum. (You'll be a part of our growing community with many highly successful home based business owners - including millionaires who work with us - freely and generously sharing their knowledge, experiences and ideas.)
    • Massive income potential. (Obviously we cannot guarantee your income, as that'd be illegal and unethical. But this system has generated six figure incomes in direct and passive income in less than ONE year for some of our members. So the sky truly is the limit.)
    • Time freedom. ("Full-time" is considered 12-15 hours a week by many of our members. You can use our system to replace your job income while working part-time from home, if you want. In fact, many members operate their businesses from a cell phone from work on their breaks or lunch hour!)
    • Mobility. (SFM can be run from anywhere in the world with a phone and laptop. Want to take a trip? No Problem. Take a week off? No Problem. The system will close your sales and generate income for you even if you're out of town, spending time with your kids or curled up asleep on the beach!)
    • Low cost to get started. (Far less than many other home based business opportunities - and especially far less money than starting a traditional business or getting a degree.)
    • Works fast. (You can get started in the next few minutes if you really have a fire to succeed in your belly!)
    • No binding contracts. (Members are free to terminate their memberships at any time without penalty.)
    • Works for both introverts and extroverts. (Including super shy "hermits" who hate talking to people!)
    • Designed for the average person, and assumes you know nothing about business, computers or sales whatsoever. (The average SFM member is 47 years old without any computer, sales or business experience. It simply doesn't matter how much you know or don't know to do this business, as long as you qualify.)
    • And much much more...


    *Individual results will vary from person to person. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.

    (By clicking the button above you will be redirected to The Six Figure Mentors application checkout page to finalize your application.)

    If you want to be among the 6 figure earners online and avoid missing this opportunity of a lifetime...


    "You Must Act NOW..."


    To get started with this opportunity, you MUST click the "add to cart button below" and we'll give you instant access to the getting started trainings where we'll teach you this system in detail.

    If you then think this is a good fit for you, and after you have followed the steps, we'll follow up with you on the phone, and give you more details about how to pick your various income streams.

    So now it's up to you to decide...

    Continue on as you are, dreaming about making money online, time, freedom, and flexibility, but always being afraid to take action?

    Or will you jump at the chance to get in on the ground floor of a thriving business that provides all of the training, support, and help you need to get started...

    ...and potentially earn an unlimited income, almost completely free from tedious steep learning curves!


    "Warning: NOT Everyone Will Qualify"


     And the reason why is, we don't want just anybody to get their hands on this material and system to play about with it and NOT give it the full attention it deserves...

    If you're after a "Get Rich Quick" scheme that makes you a million dollars in 1 month with very little work, then frankly...

    You just DON'T QUALIFY!

    The only way to "get rich quick" like that is stealing from a bank or some other form of illegal activity - Which we don't endorse at all!

    There's only one way to find out if you're a good fit for our community and that is...


    "Submit Your Application"


    Your next step towards being accepted into our private community and to see behind the scenes, test ALL the products and training we currently have, is to submit a short application to us...

    Step #1

    Click the "Add to Cart" button and you'll be taken to our secure online payments page to get started...

    The application fee is only $29.95 and don't worry you wont risk a single penny as it's 100% refundable within 30 days if you decide this is not for you (or if we determine you're simply not the right person for us) then just let us know and your $29.95 will be refunded immediately.




    Step #2

    You will get immediate access to your initial trainings and system, whilst we process your application and get straight back to you.

    Step #3

    Welcome aboard!

    And by applying today for only $29.95 let us give you a complementary product... While we filter through the applications, which I hope you appreciate can take some time!

    We're going to give you instant access to the Internet Laptop Lifestyle to get you started right away!  





    You'll get instant access to 6 hours of video footage taken from a sold out workshop we ran which is valued at $497...This alone will blow you away and it's just one of the trainings waiting for you!


    "The Ultimate Caveat"


    When your payment is processed you will get sent login details for our private online platform and you can immediately log in and access the training videos...

    If you decide to ask for your application fee back in 30 days (Or if we decide you do not qualify to join our community) We'll still let you have unlimited access to the Internet Laptop Lifestyle course, no questions asked.


     The reason why we will do this is very simple...

    Once you see what we have to offer you'll be a friend for life and hopefully spread our message!


    Bonus 1: Internet Laptop Lifestyle Workshop Footage (Value $497):

    We're going to give you instant access to the Internet Laptop Lifestyle to get you started right away!

    You'll get instant access to 6 hours of video footage taken from a sold out seminar Stuart ran last year which is valued at $497... This alone will blow you away and it's just one of the bonuses waiting for you!

    Here's just a sneak peak of what's waiting for you...

    • Step by Step Blueprint on how to earn your income online, even if you have no list and no products to sell!!
    • The SFM Formula and how you could be using it to accelerate your online business.
    • Why 97% of Rookie Internet Marketers Fail to get customers to "Buy Now!"
    • The 6 Rules to Six Figures that only successful Internet Marketers use.
    • How to Stop Getting Distracted, Overwhelmed and Confused with this whole Internet Marketing game and finally start to get results FAST!
    • A Simple Tactic That Will Have Your Subscribers CRAVING to be Sold to...Again and Again... once you try this... you'll swear by it for life.
    • How to Find Massive Groups of Cash-in-Hand Customers... who are ready to buy from you, before you even contact them.
    • Create a Product That Can Make You Thousands of Dollars Each Month... whist helping you to build YOUR list and make a profit at the same time!
    • How to LEVERAGE the Credibility of the Biggest Gurus online to skyrocket your income.
    • How to OVERCOME the Fact That You've Got NO Name in Your Industry, No Contacts, No Influence... and still grow your business by leaps and bounds.
    • My Number One Traffic Secret for Generating Hundreds of Leads a Day in ANY market! And it's NOT PPC, articles, social media or any of the other useless strategies that are so often taught and are impossible to gain momentum with when getting started.
    • And much, much more...

    Bonus 2: Private Conference Call Invites:

    Each week Stuart and Jay hold private conference calls that are listened in on all over the world. After submitting your application you will be notified by email when these calls are taking place. On these calls, you will learn some of the most powerful and effective online business concepts when it comes to cashing-in on the digital gold rush!


    Bonus 3: Behind The Scenes Business System Tour:


    Join SFM Co-Founder - Stuart Ross, as he gives you a sneak peak, behind-the-scenes tour of the very business system you have just read about! In this video Stuart will walk you through some of the most exciting features of the system and demonstrate exactly how easy it is to start using!


    Application Instructions

    There are three reasons all new members are required to apply for membership

    • Our application and interview process prevents the wrong type of person from joining: This helps protect the integrity of our community, brand, and corporate vision & mission.
    • Eliminates your risk: It gives you a risk free, no obligation way to thoroughly review our program before making any commitments.
    • Allows you the opportunity: To talk with us over the phone, should you wish, and really get any questions or concerns you may have answered properly.

    Your Application Kit Includes:

    Student Account:

    You'll get instant access to a Student account where you can spend as much time as you like learning about this exclusive opportunity and how to get set-up with your income streams.

    Consult with a Digital Business Coach:

    They will be able to answer any questions you have and assist you with moving forward. This is one-on-one and can be done over the phone or skype.

    Instant online application:

    You will get a list of simple questions that will only take you a few minutes to answer (and that will help us determine if you're going to be a good fit with us or not). We are really just looking for honest hard working individuals to create a genuine win-win situation with.




    Don't worry you wont risk a single penny as your $29.95 is 100% refundable within 30 days if you decide this is not for you (or if we determine you're simply not the right person for us) then just let us know and your application fee will be refunded immediately. 







    Ready To Start Living The Internet Lifestyle?

    Submit Your Application and Join Our Exclusive, Private, Digital Marketing Community... Let's Do This Together!

    *Individual results will vary from person to person. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.

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    *INCOME DISCLAIMER: SFM has notarized affidavits on hand for every income claim on this site. The examples are representative of the incomes earned in other businesses by some of the most successful users of our program and materials. These claims are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical of average SFM users or average participants in any other business to which the SFM program may be applied. Some users will make NO MONEY AT ALL with this program. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your input, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.