Do you respect yourself?

Do you treat yourself the way you like to be treated?

Oftentimes, when an opportunity comes that can really change our life, we pass it. We think it is too good to be true. There is a little voice inside our mind telling us we are not good enough, we do not deserve the good things that life has to offer…

…or we would not be that lucky to live a better life, to have a better job, to create a better future.

…Those good things can happen to others, but not to us.

Isn’t that we have been constantly telling us inside our mind?

No wonder it is so hard for us to make that breakthrough to finally transform our lives.

We have been standing in our own way.

But why do we treat ourselves this way, why do we keep telling us we are not good enough?

Well, those conversations we have in our mind is a reflection of our low “Self Esteem”.

That is the root of all our problem.


I do understand how hard you have been trying…

*You have been doing the best you can
in your job, but the pay raise or the
promotion still have not come.

*You have bought every program out
there teaching you how to make money
online or how to start your own
business, but your first web page is
still not done yet.

*You have studied all books on
prosperity consciousness, law of
attraction and have been practising
hard on affirmation, visualization,
NLP, etc, but the result is still
… …


I can understand how you feel, because I felt that way before.

Unless we do something about our Self Esteem, no matter how hard we try, we won’t get very far.

So what is self esteem?

Put it simply, self esteem is our opinion of ourselves.

It is how we see ourselves, and how we feel about ourselves.

A high self esteem person see himself/herself more capable of doing certain tasks or achieving certain goals.

While a person lack of self esteem is just the opposite…feeling self doubt, lack of self respect, and seeing himself/herself incapable of achieving whatever he/she wants to achieve.

Self Esteem determines the level of success we can achieve.

If you want to have higher level of success, you must have higher level of self esteem. This is the key to success. Everything else is just details.

There are other ways to increase self esteem.

If you go to seminars, they will teach you visualization techniques to visualize success, or put you into a hypnosis state and tell your subconscious that you are a more capable person.

If you can make yourself stop telling yourself you are not good enough, stop telling yourself you are incapable of achieving… Then you will naturally think and feel good about yourself, and become more confident. That is the exactly how a high self esteem person see and feel about himself/herself.