I am just an ordinary person, with a bit of ‘something more’. And this ‘something more’ can be found in everyone of us.

Now during this school holiday season, I get to wake up a bit later, as my kids get to sleep in much later 🙂

Life before, I would wake up at wee hours to build my online business. As a father of 4 children, routines during the day involve going about my daily work and the children. I am just an ordinary person like everyone else around me. I eat, sleep, work, take care of my children, routine exercise, running errands etc.. Therefore, the only time that I can build my business was during the wee hours…

There’s a bit of ‘something more’ in me and everyone of us. ‘Something more’, I set up my mind in a way that it is a MUST to be successful with my online business. Why? Because, I knew that, that’s the way for me to achieve financial and time freedom 🙂

‘Something more’. Having self discipline to carry out the necessary routines in order to build my online business. Procrastination will not bring us anywhere further from our comfort zone. We will have to strengthen our self discipline to carry out those routines that seems too tiring to carry out, but will bring you a step forward towards our goal.

Being an ordinary person with that ‘something more’, let’s work together to achieve our dreams together 🙂