How many times will you allow yourself to fail before you give up on your goals? Or How many times will you allow you little baby to fall before you stop letting him/her stop learning how to walk? The answer is NEVER!!! Because he/she MUST walk. So.. have you chosen a goal and made it a MUST to accomplish? You MUST choose the one that give you the DRIVE to move forward. If not, don’t waste your time….

It is not impossible to make failure impossible. But ‘failure’ will still to ‘frustrate’ you and make you stronger each time you encounter them.

There are two principles to the strengthen you mind to react to ‘failure’;

Firstly, constant changes to the approach you use. Incorporating the changes that show improvements in results and eliminate those that don’t. Secondly, you don’t stop going after your goals until you reach them.

If you want something BAD ENOUGH and dedicate yourself to the above two principles, success won’t be too far away. If you compare yourself with others, it may take you a longer time to reach your goals because of your circumstances, but don’t give up. You will still reach you goal, just KEEP ON KEEPING ON. “If I don’t have enough land to build on, carry out land reclamation, legally.” 🙂

Usually, most people will be smart enough to stop bashing their heads against the wall once they found out their ways won’t work, and apply another strategy towards their goals. It is commonly the second principle that people don’t follow through.

Can you recall the last time you gave up on you goal? Was it because of one or more of the following reasons.

  1. Your goal wasn’t a MUST to achieve. You may be in other people’s plans, and the goal they set for you wasn’t what you really after.
  2. You were afraid to succeed. A lot among us are people who unconsciously afraid to succeed. They are afraid that they may alienate themselves from their current friends or they listen too much of their friends’ ‘FREE OPINIONs’ that, ” We can’t be as successful as those rich people.”

Before you set your new goals in future, do consider your personal motivation for the results you are after and avoid any self-sabotage. Chase your dreams with a STRONG ENOUGH purpose and you get there 🙂