If you are already happy and feeling completely fulfilled with your life right now, I am really happy for you 🙂 It may not be necessary for you to read on further. But you may want to as it may enlighten you a bit more.

I am sure that even if we don’t have any much problem with our life right now, there will be at least one part of our life that we’d like to change or improve. And just because we do not know how, it was kept in the closet. Probably you know what to do, but don’t have the motivation, energy and stamina to start. Or you may be telling yourself that, “It don’t really matter and I can still live with it.”

So, what do you think is preventing you from breaking that barrier to achieve the life you dream of living? What I can say is that, for most people, it’s fear. The fear of changing, the fear of giving up things you already have, the fear of experiencing failure. Therefore, any obstacles that they encounter will definitely stop them in the tracks. We focus too much on the CAN’T do part of life’s equation. And that create much fear in us.

One of the main reason why most of the people are not ‘living their dream’ is simply because of the way they perceive the world. This is one of the greatest determinant of how we live our lives.

Recall or imagine the birth of new-borns. The little ones come into this world with a complete clear state of mind or a ‘blank memory’, having no knowledge except, the voices of their mothers. As they grew older and are able to listen and understand, their parents, teachers will encourage them that they can achieve anything they want to be. But as they grow older, things start to change. There will be boundaries and rules to carry out activities as life gets a bit more complicated. Right? How many times have your actions that were based on perceived conditions, limits or the need from authority approval? You can’t implement a project due to the lack of funds. You can’t enrol in that training course because you can’t get approval from your boss. How did our life go from having no limits at birth to a world governed by limitations?

Gradually, the words we use set limitations to the things we want to do. Our lives become dictated by what others believe we need to know or who we need to be. The lens through which we see the world limits what we actually see. As time goes by, we start to believe that we are not capable of accomplishing greater goals. We accept the limits of what others thought we should be.

Alright, lets clear our mind and perceive things in another way now. Focus on the CAN-do part of your life. Carry out those actions that you can do that will move you forward to you goal. With every action you performed today, did it take you closer to your goal? Do you have a vision of that?

Do you believe that what Scientists said about subatomic particles like protons and electrons exist though we can’t see them? Just because we can’t see something with our physical eyes doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Once I imagine that these things do exist, my awareness of this world and beyond what I can see is greatly heightened and improved. So how do the protons and the electrons help? Well… start believing that what you see is not all there is. How you perceive the world will determine how you will live your life.

We may have wasted away too much time thinking or avoiding over problems we can’t solve. None of us can turn back the clock. The time you wasted away will not be back again. Let make the choice and decision to think different’y. Redirect our mind to things that we CAN work on and away from things that we CAN”T change or do about.

Focus on the CAN, not the CAN’T, change the way you view this world and your life will change.