Strengthen our body and nourish our mind

The very first duty we MUST have to ourselves is Sound Health. Without a body of sound health, how are we going to achieve whatever we set out to have? Always take good care of our body. Even a car needs maintenance to keep up with its efficiency and lifespan, so do our bodies.

We always hear about health is wealth. Health is one of the most important of our life. A sound health is the first step to a sound life. We will feel deprived of energy and ill without a sound health and it will take away the confidence from you. Sound health allows us to feel more confidence, give our body strength to take up any challenges that life may throw to us. We must make sure that we carry out our regular exercises and have our proper diets, we are what we eat.

What we drink and eat through our mouth has consequences to our body. When we eat unhealthy foods for a long term, our body can feel deprive of energy within a short period of time. That works directly opposite when we feed ourselves with proper and healthy diets. With a healthy body, it will help us achieve better results in whatever we set out to do.


Next important duty to ourselves is to nourish our mind EVERY single day. As we all know that we are what we eat and so it is with our mind. We are how we think, depending on what we feed our mind. The state of our mind will always determine how we can get things done. We are always bombarded with negative news. Please take them as a pinch of salt as we can’t change anything that are already done or damaged. What we should do is to embrace ourselves and move forward.

What we input in our mind daily through our eyes and ears has consequences to our mind, heart and spirit. If we take negative news too damn seriously, we will just be damning ourselves. We can also choose to read more about positive information and feel awesome every single day.

To nourish our mind, it is important to avoid contaminating your spirit with negativity. It may seem harmless at first, but most of the time it is not. Any negativity you feed you minds every day can have a huge impact in your mind. If you are not conscious of it, you will consume it day after day without realizing the damage that is causing you, it will take over your mind. Those negativity will also rule your life and you will suffer from all the side effects: depression, sadness, anger and anguish.

So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… Strengthen our body and nourish our mind