The only constant in life is the constant change around us. Are we ready or prepared for those changes. Changes are inevitable, some are predictable, but most others will strike you when you are most unprepared. None matter what we have to embrace and conquer them anyway.

Most importantly, we have to know ourselves well. Our world is in our own hands. People can give us advice, but the ultimate decision should be decided by ourselves. Knowing ourselves well allow us to assess different situation accordingly. We know our own capability and ability to carry put certain task. However, if circumstances get really tough for us to handle, be bold and ask for help when needed to.

There will definitely be feelings attached to changes. We may feel a sense of loss, confuse, anxious, disappointment, overwhelmed and even depression. This is part of it, but once you understand and communicate with your own feelings, things will get soon. Then take the necessary steps to face it.

There may be situation that we have no control over. We can’t control the weather. So what can we do? Start to grumble over it? Worry over it? NO…! Those can’t really help much. They will just deplete your energy level and make you unproductive. Either you can bring an umbrella, get yourself drench or stay where you are and do something that is more meaningful.

What should we do to embrace change and conquer them?;

  • Be responsible. Being accountable. We may tend to run away or hide from situation. But lets take responsibility and brave the storm ahead. “That, which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Understand and accept that change is necessary for growth. Change will create opportunities and possibilities.
  • Once you have analysed the situation, TAKE ACTION! Your plan/solution may not be completely right at first, but we can improve it along the way.

Let’s continue to make plans and contingency plans for the future.

Embrace the changes and flow with them 🙂 If we can’t change them, join them with a production and meaningful attitude.