There are bound to be times when things do not follow your plans. How will you react?

Will you choose to give up? Or will you continue to ‘fight’ and get what you have set out to win initially. There will always be two voices in your head, trying to persuade you. Unfortunately, most of us are not strong-willed enough ended up choosing to give up even before a good fight. However, the good news is we can always condition ourselves to be more persistent in achieving whatever we have set out to win. You may not know that there is stronger ‘you’ until you meet him within.  The only way to train your persistence is first to have a ‘strong why’ of what you are set out to do. Why do you have to do what you have to do? We just have to hang in there until we break the chain of ‘failure’ which we may encounter along the way.

Continue to be persistent and always give your very BEST!