I have given up on too many things, goals, dreams.. in earlier part of my life, which now I take them as lessons learnt. Those ‘mistakes’ made had brought me to this level of commitment and determination today. You may have gone through similar situations like these too, but be grateful to those mistakes made as they will make you wiser, provided you learn from them.

Starting a new business may seem to be really difficult in the beginning. You will definitely need to unlearn, relearn and invest tons of effort and sleepless night just to make sure that you get all the necessary setups done. But once you master it, life can’t be easier.

Are you giving up too soon just because you can’t see the results you want within that short period of time? Like a seed germinating to a seedling and then grow to an adult plant to bear flowers and fruits, it has its cycle. It needs time for nature to do it’s part after your consistent nurturing. A business too has its cycle, requires our nurturing and then the nature(market place) to do its part. We must cultivate the habit of delayed gratification, as recent technologies may have created a habit in us that make us think that everything must be ‘fast’.

Although a startup can be tough, however, on the other hand, for you to stick to something that you are not passionate about for the rest of your life will be even harder, miserable and meaningless.

While going through those sleepless nights and long hours to setup your new business, others may comment, “Why torture yourself? Why go through all these? Go back to you original trade.” However, to me, the passion for this business is always the driving fuel. Those time spent working on it seems to come to a halt. You don’t feel the misery unlike those time when you really have to drag through your ‘old trade’.

Even if you are not starting a new business, please don’t ever give up searching for you passion 🙂