Everything that we set out to do has a price attached to it. Both success and failure have their own price. Having a family has its price but to me, it’s more of fulfillment 🙂 A materialistic life has its price. Living from payroll to payroll has its price. Being your own boss has its price and so does working for others. Whatever lifestyle we choose, inevitably has its price. Nothing in life comes free. We will definitely need to work towards our dreams.

Before we set out to achieve our goals, we must be sure that we are willing to pay the price. If not, high probability that you will never achieve them. For example, you may want to have a mid-career change, to your dream career. In the process, you may need to have a pay cut and to lower you standard of living. Are you willing to go through that? However, the change may enable you to gain time and financial freedom in another few years. If that’s the case, we may want to practice our delay gratification.

Energy will follow where focus goes. If we put all our time and energy into a certain task, you will not have enough time or energy for another work. If we spend all our time in our career, our relationship may suffer. So will it be worthwhile to pay that price. We should develop a strong communication ties with our loved ones in order to allow it to work both ways.

We should put in some common sense when pursuing our dreams and managing other areas of our life. To me, priority will have to go to the time I need to take care of my own body. Our body is the ‘vehicle’ that will help us in carrying out whatever we planned to do. Even a car needs regular maintenance for its optimal performance, so don’t ever neglect our own body and health. Price shouldn’t be paid to sacrifice out own health.

Pay the price to succeed in life. Success is truly a matter of the psychology of our mind. If you decide you are going to fail, guess what…you will fail. If you decide you are going to excel, guess what…you will achieve.
The fact is to make decisions not out of self-doubt, fear, guilt, anger or jealousy. We must make decisions out of love for yourself and others. When you take this perspective, you will experience a life of happiness and a worthwhile price to pay for.

Let’s use our common sense to make the decision to pay the price to achieve our dreams. Let’s work towards time and financial freedom or whichever dreams you are still holding on to.