Analysis Paralysis can be one of the major reasons why most people don’t make any major progress in their life.

What is analysis paralysis?
It is a state of mind, where you over-analyse a situation or states, till no action or decision can be made, totally paralyzing your action and outcome.

We can get really excited over new business ideas, systems.. Then we will fall into the state of analyzing those new ideas, systems.. In some situations, we may over-analyse and start to question ourselves, “..will this work?”, “..what if it doesn’t work?, “..what if I fail again?”… Of course I am not saying that we shouldn’t question ourselves in order to make some contingency plans, but please do not over-analyse and begin to doubt your own ability and capability.

There will definitely be challenges along the way. These challenges may be your stepping stones to the next level or they can also be small little pebbles that cause you to trip over and fall. These ‘small little pebbles’ may delay your plans and slow down your momentum, but don’t ever let them paralyze or stop you from moving forward. If you have the courage to take up the challenges in the first place, why not just ask for more courage and strength to carry on this journey. Always keep in mind your Definiteness Of Purpose of why you have chosen to start your business and keep the passion burning.

Keeping On Going, Cheers 🙂

keep-the-passion-buringSunrise along the horizon